This blog launched in 2016 but really The Kintsugi Story started in 1985. The year I was born.

I'm Alex and I am 30, living in London, a Christian, avid half marathon runner, work part time for a charity, study part time in Psychotherapy and have a real passion to see people live life to the full despite their brokenness.

For me, blogging is the next step in my journey to understand more about embracing the imperfections, the pieces of me that are broken. This is, in a way, a therapeutic decision to go deeper into the scars and the pain that life has thrown at me as well as others I meet. It is my hope that each piece that I discover can be accepted and seen as beautiful — and that you start see you own Kintsugi Story emerge.

To know more about how the art of Kintsugi connects with beauty in brokenness click here for my first blog post.